Here's what we can offer, and how the process can work!

Please keep in mind, that we are very aware that everybody’s needs and budgets are different.  Please do not hesitate to call even if you only require one small element of the following list of services.  Regardless of size, we all have the same goal, to make our spaces pleasant places in which to spend our time.


In-Home Decorating Consultation

Whether you require ideas, or feedback to the ideas you have formulated, or perhaps you are overwhelmed and don’t have a clue where to begin, I can help you set out a plan.  One that's not based on what I like, but what works best with what you currently have or wish to work with and what will give you the feeling you wish to create.  A fresh idea may make the old look new again – the goal being to give you the best possible look!  Experience and an “eye for colour” are very useful tools, but there are also some very practical reasons WHY things work well together.  I can help you become aware of these things so you will better understand the choices and be better able to implement these tools yourself, should you wish to go shopping!
There is no charge for estimates. Consultations are free should you buy something or hire us in any capacity, otherwise a charge will apply.


Carpentry, Ceramics, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall

We work in partnership with a General Contractor who is efficient, knowledgeable, reliable and does outstanding work.  Whether you may desire upgraded trim, doors or crown molding, or perhaps a custom-built fireplace mantel, a ceramic backsplash, or a newly finished bathroom or basement, we can provide you with a new look that is surprisingly pleasant and hassle free.   As well as reasonably priced custom-made furniture.


New Flooring

We can assist you in a choice of flooring that is both aesthetic and practical and if necessary, recommend a reliable installer.


Windowcoverings and Upholstery

Should you require new windowcoverings or upholstery of any type, as well as custom-made furniture, we can provide sales selection and installation, as well as recommend a professional upholsterer.  We sell fabric and provide an in-home consultation to select the perfect fabric and style and work closely with a seamstress to ensure the perfect design and attention to detail.



We also sell wallpaper and if needed, can save you much time and hassle by previously marking all the papers that will work, both style-wise and colour-wise.  The books are brought to your home and you will receive assistance in narrowing down the choices to the best possible one.  Please be aware, that although this service is free, it is both time-consuming and physically demanding.  It is for this reason that the book price for the wallpaper will be charged and no discounts can be offered.



Along with consulting, this is the largest part of this business.  Together with my team of hard-working and meticulous professionals, we can transform your room into something very beautiful in a timely and hassle-free fashion.


Faux Finishing

We have acquired many hours of experience in a variety of the most popular looks in Faux Finishes (Glazing, Ragging, Sponging etc.) and make a concerted effort to keep the look as tasteful and timeless as possible. 


Home Staging

Thinking of selling your home?   Need help knowing what to do to get top dollar?   1st Class Interiors offers professional home staging consultation to help you achieve your goals.



We recently transformed the front of this home with a new entrance and sunroom.







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